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120 ml
65 UAH
has a mild taste, which allows you to better feel the flavors
79 UAH89 UAH
180 ml
72 UAH125 UAH
Cappuccino large
320 ml
97 UAH175 UAH
300 ml
85 UAH195 UAH
Flat White
180 ml
85 UAH115 UAH
180 ml
135 UAH
Coffee beans
250 g A blend of speckled arabica beans originating from Brazil and Guatemala. Aroma and taste: chocolate-covered cherries, milk chocolate, nut paste. The aftertaste is long and sweet. It goes well with milk.
415 UAH
Coffee beans (filter)
250 g Burundi Amata speckled beans (Muyinga region, Nyagishira processing station), natural processing method. In the taste: red berries, cherries, strawberries, coconut, creamy caramel. Roasted under the filter
500 UAH
Detox tea mix, Kusmi Tea
700 ml BB Detox is a light flavored tea drink that restores the beauty and health of your body it has the aroma of citrus and flowers the taste has a distinct citrus-like sourness, though it resembles grapefruit country of origin: France
145 UAH
Honeybush tea
700 ml this tea has a mild rich taste, with a woody fruit aroma that resembles fruit lollipops the tea is named "Honeybush" due to the honey aroma coming from a bush during flowering country of origin: South Africa
105 UAH135 UAH
White Puerh Bai Ya tea
700 ml has no astringency unlike other pu-erh teas. Characterized by a pleasant thickness and a long sweet aftertaste country of origin: China
115 UAH165 UAH
Thai Nguyen green tea
700 ml light, refreshing, with currant leaves and young corn aroma green Vietnamese tea from the Tai Nguyen region has already become a legend among the world's tea experts
115 UAH145 UAH
Oolong tea "Milk Oolong"
700 ml superior quality semi-fermented oolong tea, an entirely handmade product, with perfect smooth leaves and amazing milk flavor country of origin: China
125 UAH195 UAH
Polifonia herbal tea
700 ml is made in a classic neutral style, but still with character. The abundance of herbs complements and enriches the taste. Raspberry leaf, strawberries, linden, thyme, Ivan Chai
75 UAH95 UAH
Red Berries berry tea
700 ml is a classic berry tea with a deep red colour. The colour is due to the karkade, which, in combination with other berries and fruits, gives a pleasant sourness to the taste. We have also added black elderberry, apple, plum, raspberry and blackberry.
75 UAH95 UAH
Sea Buckthorn-Orange Tea
based on homemade sea-buckthorn puree with orange fresh juice and peel
75 UAH119 UAH
Flower tea Flower Boom
700 ml a decoration of our collection that pleases not only with its appearance, but also with a sweetish delicate taste, it contains about 15 different flowers, buds and petals (acacia, linden, rose, calendula, jasmine)
75 UAH95 UAH
Cranberry-Mint Tea
based on cranberry puree, which we prepare ourselves, with the addition of mint
75 UAH119 UAH
Ginger Tea
ginger, lemon, mint
75 UAH119 UAH
Raspberry tea
based on raspberry puree, which we prepare ourselves, with the addition of mint
75 UAH119 UAH
600 ml
95 UAH
Carpathian chamomile tea
600 ml chamomile flowers, mint grass
75 UAH
Carpathian berry tea
600 ml fruits of rosehip, hawthorn, elderberry, currant, mountain ash, chokeberry
75 UAH
Cocoa / Cocoa 100%
340 ml
80 UAH165 UAH
Matcha Latte
180 ml
89 UAH135 UAH
Matcha Latte Large
300 ml
119 UAH225 UAH
Iced Latte
90 UAH155 UAH
300 мл
95 UAH
a wonderful combination of mango puree, matcha and oat milk 280 ml
195 UAH
300 ml
115 UAH
Fresh Juice To Go
165 UAH275 UAH
Kraina Water SHOco.
500 ml "Zakarpattia Wild Water is produced using a unique direct bottling technology. The water is naturally enriched with organic silicon, has a low level of mineralisation and salts, and the metasilicic acid in its composition acts as a natural antiseptic. It does not contain preservatives and impurities. It cannot be processed and retains its original living structure, energy and taste.
45 UAH
Juice Galicia
99 UAH
300 m prepared on the basis of milk, natural ice cream, homemade berry puree and fresh fruit (without adding syrups or toppings)
125 UAH
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