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Croissants from SHOco. with delivery and payment online in Lviv

Danish Strawberry-Frangipane
97 UAH
Kraffin with lemon curd
95 UAH
Kraffin with strawberries
119 UAH
Classic Croissant
69 UAH
Pain au chocolat
72 UAH
Apple Croissant
97 UAH
Almond Croissant
139 UAH
Raspberry-Mascarpone Croissant
129 UAH
Cream and Raisin Pinwheel
89 UAH
Croissant with Chocolate Ganache
119 UAH
Cherry Tart
97 UAH
Poppy Seed Pinwheel
89 UAH
Frozen croissants SHOco.
10 croissants
290 UAH
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