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Iced Latte
80 UAH150 UAH
300 мл
95 UAH
a wonderful combination of mango puree, matcha and oat milk 280 ml
195 UAH
300 ml
104 UAH
Fresh Juice To Go
149 UAH230 UAH
Kraina Water SHOco.
500 ml "Zakarpattia Wild Water is produced using a unique direct bottling technology. The water is naturally enriched with organic silicon, has a low level of mineralisation and salts, and the metasilicic acid in its composition acts as a natural antiseptic. It does not contain preservatives and impurities. It cannot be processed and retains its original living structure, energy and taste.
39 UAH
Juice Galicia
85 UAH
300 m prepared on the basis of milk, natural ice cream, homemade berry puree and fresh fruit (without adding syrups or toppings)
115 UAH
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