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Тут усі категорії SHOco.


Blueberry bun
97 UAH
Carrot cake
weight: 480 g raisins, dried apricots, walnuts, cream cheese, mango-carrot culi
350 UAH
Cheesecake with fresh strawberries
weight: 1500 g delivery methods: targeted delivery or pickup from the location at 44 Sakharova Street
1800 UAH
Croissant with fresh berries and honey
*berries may vary
149 UAH
Danish Strawberry-Frangipane
97 UAH
Danish with apricot
139 UAH
Danish with blueberries
119 UAH
Lemon poppy seed cake
weight: 430 g lemon cake with poppy seeds, lemon impregnation, lemon curd, gourmet white chocolate based
380 UAH
coconut and almond sponge cake, crispy layer with freeze-dried raspberries, raspberry confit, lime creme fraiche, white chocolate and mascarpone cheese mousse
159 UAH
Malted bread with pumpkin seeds
95 UAH
Matcha Cherry croissant
145 UAH
Mini cheesecake with raspberry confit
weight: 500 g shortbread base, Philadelphia cheese, Mascarpone cheese, raspberry confit garnished with fresh blueberries
670 UAH
Poached eggs with salmon and herbs
mixed salad, avocado, avocado puree, salmon, green peas, herbs, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, poached eggs, olive oil, lemon juice, own-made malt sourdough bread with grilled pumpkin seeds, Flakes - inactive yeast flakes with a cheese and nut flavour
329 UAH
Quinoa porridge with hummus and poached egg
quinoa, Parmesan cheese, bacon and tomato jam, hummus, poached egg
320 UAH
Salted cheesecakes with spinach pesto and salmon
sour cream, pumpkin seeds, Parmesan cheese, Zaatar spice, baby spinach
315 UAH
Salted cheesecakes with spinach pesto and sour cream
sour cream, pumpkin seeds, Parmesan cheese, Zaatar spice, baby spinach
250 UAH
Set of 10 eclairs
eclairs: Pear, Pistachio-Raspberry (2), Vanilla, Coconut, Mango, Berry, Caramel, Hazelnut, Baileys Coffee
1030 UAH
Spicy hummus with avocado and egg
hummus, boiled egg, parsley, cilantro, mint, chili oil, olive oil, avocado, crispy chickpeas, chimichurri sauce, crusty wheat bread with flax and poppy seeds of our own production
230 UAH
Tarta Berry
shortbread almond base, crispy white chocolate layer, raspberry confit, vanilla ganache with white chocolate and Mascarpone cheese, raspberries, blueberries seasonal berries are subject to change
155 UAH
Toast with salmon and teriyaki sauce
sourdough malt bread toast, salmon, lettuce, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese, arugula, sesame seeds, teriyaki sauce
325 UAH
Wheat sourdough bread with flax and poppy seeds
95 UAH
Classic Croissant
75 UAH
Pain au chocolat
79 UAH
Apple Croissant
115 UAH
Almond Croissant
139 UAH
Raspberry-Mascarpone Croissant
139 UAH
Cream and Raisin Pinwheel
92 UAH
Croissant with Chocolate Ganache
125 UAH
Cherry Tart
97 UAH
Poppy Seed Pinwheel
92 UAH
Frozen croissants SHOco.
10 croissants
290 UAH
100 g
85 UAH
Chocolate Almond Cookies
100 g
95 UAH
Lemon-Pistachio Cookie
100 g
125 UAH
100 g
95 UAH
Shortbread cookies with hazelnuts
100 g
85 UAH
100 g
95 UAH
Nuts Cookies with Condensed Milk
100 g
95 UAH
Grandma's Nuts Cookies
200 g
180 UAH
Box of Napoleon
weight: 500 g or 1000 g homemade caramelized puff pastry, custard with Madagascar vanilla delivery methods: address delivery or pickup from the location at Sakharova Street, 44
900 UAH
Hazelnut Meringue
100 g
115 UAH
Chocolate Chip Meringue
100 g
85 UAH
Bread Fitness
95 UAH
Big Cherry Tart
800 g important: tart can be received the next day after ordering
550 UAH
French breakfast
mixed lettuce, avocado, quinoa, poached eggs, whole grain toast, Greek yogurt, homemade salmon/turkey (ham)
359 UAH379 UAH
Roast beef toast
baked pepper, Tonnato sauce, capers, mixed lettuce
339 UAH
Scrambled eggs with bacon and stracciatella
grilled cherry tomatoes, toasted wheat bread with flax and poppy seeds, mixed salad, balsamic sauce Scramble base includes: two eggs, cream
335 UAH
Avocado toast
tomato jam, cherry tomatoes, Tajaski olives, fresh herbs, Asian sauce
325 UAH
Poached egg on toast
whole grain toast, stewed spinach, slightly salted salmon, Hollandaise sauce
279 UAH
Avocado & Stracciatella toast
strachatella and tomato salsa, poached egg and pine nuts, green salad  
315 UAH
Sandwich with salmon and Teriyaki sauce
whole grain toast, cream cheese, lettuce, arugula, avocado, cucumber, salmon, sesame, Teriyaki sauce
325 UAH
Poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce
poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce, ham, toast/classic croissant
255 UAH315 UAH
Scrambled eggs
malt bread with pumpkin seeds, cream cheese, mixed salad, cherry tomatoes the scramble is based on: three eggs, cream
249 UAH
Omelette with tomato sauce
toast of wheat bread with flax and poppy seeds, mixed salad, cherry tomatoes the omelette is based on: three eggs, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce
225 UAH
Green bowl with poached egg
poached egg, quinoa, avocado, broccoli, almonds, baked pepper, green beans, mixed lettuce, homemade almond and mint sauce
325 UAH
Porridge with quinoa and poached egg
avocado, truffle oil, Parmesan cheese, pine nuts, cream
299 UAH
TLV breakfast
fried eggs / poached eggs, turkey produced by Daily Dose / craft ham, mixed salad, honey mustard sauce, cherry tomatoes, hummus, roasted peppers, crispy chickpeas, chili oil, green oil, parsley, toasted wheat bread with flax and poppy seeds
315 UAH
SHOco. bread
we serve wheat bread with butter and Maldon salt (the photo shows the serving of breakfast with all side dishes)
75 UAH
Big Green Salad Bowl
avocado, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, apple, parmesan, mixed lettuce
275 UAH445 UAH
Allow yourself
- french breakfast (to choose from: with salmon, with turkey, with ham); - an eclair of your choice (any of the available assortment); - drink of your choice: sparkling wine Marques De Terrabona Cava 150 ml, orange juice 250 ml, coffee (cappuccino/latte 220 ml - regular or lactose-free milk, espresso, filter, Americano, tea) fixed price - 499
499 UAH
Croissant with mortadella
classic croissant, mortadella, stracchatella, sun-dried tomatoes, tomato jam, arugula, balsamic sauce, pistachio
289 UAH
Sandwich with vegetables and homemade turkey
baked pepper, stewed spinach, cream cheese, spicy sauce, mixed lettuce, radish, sesame, toast bread
340 UAH
Melt sandwich
homemade turkey (ham), Mozzarella cheese, pickled cucumber, tomato sauce
285 UAH