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Desserts from SHOco. with delivery and payment online in Lviv

Baileys Coffee Tart
chocolate tart, hazelnut sponge cake, caramel, chocolate ganache with baileys, chocolate coffee mousse, chocolate and coffee creme
159 UAH
coconut and almond sponge cake, crispy layer with freeze-dried raspberries, raspberry confit, lime creme fraiche, white chocolate and mascarpone cheese mousse
145 UAH
Strawberry Yoghurt
vanilla sponge cake, crispy layer, lime creme fraiche, strawberry compote, yoghurt ganache with Mascarpone cheese
165 UAH
Black Forest
chocolate crispy streusel, chocolate sponge cake, chocolate layer, chocolate cremeux, cherry compote with Jägermeister liqueur, vanilla mousse based on white chocolate
165 UAH
hazelnut meringue, hazelnut praline, crispy chocolate layer, hazelnut mousse based on hazelnut paste
165 UAH
Baileys Pear
chocolate sponge cake, a crispy ball with Baileys liqueur, chocolate mousse, vanilla mousse, gourmet glaze with crispy balls
165 UAH
Lemon Tart
shortbread almond tart, lemon curd, Italian meringue
139 UAH
Coconut-Mango-Passion Fruit
coconut and almond biscuit, chocolate crispy layer based on white chocolate, mango and passion fruit puree, coconut ganache based on coconut milk
165 UAH
Chocolate Vegan
hazelnut base with dates and coconut, banana and dark chocolate mousse, dark chocolate gourmet glaze with hazelnuts
135 UAH
NY caramel cheesecake
sand base, Philadelphia cheese, Mascarpone cheese, homemade caramel
149 UAH
homemade puff pastry, custard with Madagascar vanilla
139 UAH
Waffle cake
waffle layers, condensed milk, hazelnuts and cashews
139 UAH
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